Trouble Acclimating New Fish?

Five ways to reduce (fish) stress while acclimating


    1.)    Slow and Steady Keeps the Fish Safe!

Acclimating fish (and inverts.) slowly is the easiest way to make the fish feel at home, and some species are very sensitive to fluctuations in water quality, so keep it slow!

    2.)    Drip Acclimate Sensitive Fishes

As you already know, some fish are more sensitive to water quality fluctuations, so the drip acclimation technique is often used. For space reasons, a summary of drip acclimation is when you hook up small tubes and create a siphon to suction water into the bucket with the fish in it. for more information, check out LiveAquaria!

    3.)    The Floating Method

If you want an easier way to acclimate you fishes, the floating method is another great way! You simply open the bag with your fish in it, place it in your aquarium, scoop one to two tablespoons of your tank water into the bag every 5 minutes, and after at least 45 minutes, you can introduce them to the tank! (but if you can, quarantine them first, and then put them on display) and never, ever pour the dealer water into your tank!!!

    4.)    Low Lighting

While you acclimate your fish, don’t have the lights on, and turn of the lights around you if you want to be safe. Reason being, you don’t want to traumatize your fish before you actually have them in your fish tank.

    5.)    Be Nice!

 As I am Sure, most people have somewhat of a current going in their aquarium, so don’t let your fish take a joyride in their bag. It leads to more unnecessary stress, and can hurt the fish, in and out of the bag. So acclimate safely!

I hope you have found this information useful, and are able to correct any mistakes you might have made!

(I know I have!)


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