5 Great Products To Have


These are our top 5 products that are very useful to have.

1. Algone Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia Remover: These useful little pads as the name suggests remove nitrates and ammonia from the water along with nitrites. We have found them very helpful to control algae blooms and make water more clear through these. Use is very simple all that you need to do is to insert them into your filter and you are done! Keep in mind that they are not a way to replace the nitrogen cycle and that they should be removed after they can no longer be used.

2.Python Gravel Vacuum: This product siphons and clean gravel removing decomposing fish waste from the substrate and reducing the bioload  on a tank. By doing this you can greatly improve water quality of your tank, limiting severity of algae blooms.

3. Mag-Float: This algae scraper is placed inside the tank and moved from the outside through magnets. This is one of the best ways to remove algae from tank glass without getting wet. It is also available as the Mag-Float Scrape which has a built in razor for tougher algae.  It can also be used to hold siphons in place inside a tank.

4. Fluval Plant and Stratum: An excellent substrate for planter aquariums. This substrate contains Nutrients and is permeable for roots to grow through. It also serves as a place where newborn freshwater shrimp can take refuge. It is collected from the foothill of the Mont Aso Volcano in Japan.

5. Marine Snow: This formula is used in marine tanks for filter feeding organisms and corals.   This formula contains   phytoplankton and zooplankton which are the basis for the marine food chain. Also after we have used this we have noted increase in polyp size.


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